Final Project

The growth of Craft Beer & Micro Breweries

With more and more microbreweries opening up on Long Island, beer drinkers are developing a thirst for something different. Microbrewers are creating a taste unlike mass-produced beer and people are loving it. American craft brewers are small, independent, and traditional – they provide unique beers that are unlike those manufactured by one of the beer tycoons. Think of it this way, you can have mass produced cookies, or you can have grandma’s recipe – what would you choose?

Microbreweries are allowing beer-drinkers to have a unique experience unlike the typical bar scene. Their small batch ingredients create a fuller flavor, that is attracting more and more customers. In a $110-billion industry, craft breweries only take up 4% of the market – but are on the rise one pint at a time.


Untitled Infographic-3.png
Craft Breweries -


Assignment 4

Notes: 12/1/15

Jobs, Resumes, Self-Marketing

-1 page resume

-online portfolio

-business cards



-publish work in professional publications

-regularly save your clips


-Attend & take advantage of networking sessions

-Learn technology

-Google yourself

-Follow top news outlets

Take advantage of your surroundings

-school paper, websites, magazine, radio station, etc

-Internships want to see previous experience!

Think outside the box

Freelance for outside publications – you don’t need a previous internship to show you can perform the task

Say or do something that others can’t or have not done.

Don’t lead with education on resume

2-3 references (name, title-job, email address, phone #)






Assignment 4: Infographics

Dating apps have become extremely prevalent in our social media generation, with college campuses being a central hub for them. I thought it would be interesting to look at the statistics of the most popular app used.

Untitled Infographic
Tinder Statistics


As the topic of Feminism seems to be extremely popular these days, I decided to research some statistics on women in the United States. Untitled Infographic-2

Just a Cup?

In class Storify assignment about Starbucks red cup discussion.


Curation and Crowdsourcing


News as a Conversation

-Benefits of social media:

  • Facebook and Twitter allow for open engagement of users
  • Journalists can interact with and cover stories better
  • Improved technology

Comment box

  • Social media empowers everyone and anyone with the right to share their opinion – some are intelligent many are not.
  • More voices –> more input

-More sources

-Provides transparency on reporting side

-Enables immediate feedback

-Spreads awareness of stories through word-of-mouth marketing

-Spreads awareness of media branding

-Story ideas and community awareness


  • must solicit content and participation
  • moderating comments/blogs/submissions
  • solving user problems with web tools/communication

Things to be Careful With

  • Do not engage in battle with users – simply moderate and answer questions in a professional and objective manner
  • Do not have family and friends post
  • Do not delete comments you disagree with ONLY ones that are offensive
  • Be cautious about random sources and whether they are reliable or not








Video Journalism – 11/3/15 Notes

Telling Stories With Video

Audio Reporting/ Interviews

Five Shot Sequence

Choose some or all of these sequences when filming:

  • Close up on the hands
  • close up on face
  • wide shot
  • over the shoulder shot
  • creative shot
  • mix these up and you have a varied, constructive news piece

Adding voice to video

Voiceovers – control the piece with your tempo, easy to make a piece with simple software

Learn effective video interviewing- make interviewee feel comfortable, plan ahead accordingly, feel comfortable with your setting and equipment, don’t ask longwinded questions

  • Can create photo gallery with voiceover explanation
  • Plan ahead (questions, style, shots, etc)

Get creative with video

Altering the angle/ point of view can completely change the message your photo or video presents

  • Focus, zoom, exposure
  • Be selective when actually shooting or choosing footage but get many clips
  • Avoid panning or zooming
  • Be silent when you shoot to eliminate outside noise
  • Play footage back to make sure came out good and to avoid having to re shoot or have bad footage
  • Framing/composing: follow rule of thirds
  • Get good audio – use external mic if possible
  • Hold camera horizontally when filming

Focus on one idea and stick with it

  • don’t allow the viewer have a chance to be bored
  • intro/middle/close
  • define the story/purpose in the first 20 seconds
  • characters make a good story

Producing video for Web

  • start small, aim high
  • keep storage capacity in mind
  • don’t be afraid to shoot a lot of footage
  • understand platform and requirements for editors

Program Basics

Assignment Details:

  • Interview no fewer than 3 people but no more than 5
  • Interviewee’s giving opinions on specific topic

Assignment #2: Photo Gallery

Here are photos from a concert I attended at Terminal 5 last Thursday, October 15th, 2015. Glass Animals is an English indie rock band from Oxford. I had friends visiting from Taiwan who came to the show with us and we went out for drinks after the concert. I wanted to capture various moments from from the night including from before and after the show.

Assignment 1: Business Plan

Assignment 1: Blog Idea


Blog:  Indie Music/Bands – this would focus on new & local bands and any upcoming shows or collaborations they had. Based on the success and participation, this could eventually develop into a larger business; encompassing areas outside of Nassau & Suffolk County.

DemographicThe primary demographic would be young adults & college students. There are so many young adults trying to get involved in the music industry or make a name for themselves.
Coverage: Social media. I’m constantly discovering so much new music and local shows solely through Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. These are probably the most powerful tools in any business or blog; especially a start up. I would be the one finding material – bands, shows, venues, etc.

Types of multimedia: Photo galleries, videos – shared via social media.
How would you staff your company?  Initially, I would just work on the blog myself. But once it began to grow and have a potential to bring in money, I would definitely recruit people to help find content/ cover events.
List at least five types of content you would use: Highlight new artists, reviews & commentary, highlight weekly events, local suggestions/submissions, multimedia
List basic story ideas you could cover on this blog: reviews on new bands and recent shows
list forms of multimedia to coincide with your coverage: Live video streaming, photos from events, video interviews with artists

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